Beef Jerky is something everyone has heard of, but what few people think about is the incredible flavor that a marinade can give to any meat to make a great jerky. From sweet to savory, the marinade will make the jerky. While many jerky makers tend to concentrate on a core set of flavors, different types of meat may pair better with specific flavors, and some marinades may particularly enhance one meat or another. Most meats will take up any flavor they marinate in, and the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to flavorings. Asian, South American, and African style jerky may seem odd, but you would be amazed at the variety of jerky that will be available to you after poring through this recipe section. A simple change to an old recipe can bring out flavors in beef or venison that you never knew existed. In this section we will share with you a number of jerky marinade recipes, as well as indicating the types of meats to which a certain marinade may be particularly well suited.