Sometimes all you need is a basic marinade for your jerky, nothing fancy, just something tasty and simple. This is jerky at its utmost, trail jerky that will satisfy anyone.

Basic Jerky Marinade
¾     c     Worcestershire sauce
¾     c     Soy sauce
1     tb     Liquid smoke
1     tb     Garlic powder
2     tb     Chili powder
1     tb     Tabasco sauce

This marinade can be used with any strong meat but is not suggested for use with fish other than Tuna as it can overwhelm the delicate taste of the fish. Stronger meats hold up rather well to this combination of flavors. This is a perfect marinade for basic beef jerky.

With this marinade, you are going to want to combine all the ingredients and let them marinate for about 24 hours before drying in your dehydrator or hanging to dry naturally (a smoky fire is great, but a smoker will do the trick too).