Beef Jerky Recipes

Beef jerky is perhaps the best known of the jerky types for its commonality, and is is what most people think of when they hear the word “jerky.” While we now make jerky from just about anything, this is the old standby. The great thing about beef is that its flavor is robust enough to be great on its own, but it also will stand up to just about any flavoring that you choose to add to it. Beef is perfect for jerky due to the ready availability of the meat, the large number of useful cuts that are inexpensive, and the ability to find lower fat varieties to easily make beef jerky with minimal processing. Beef is also a very easy meat with which to work. Beef jerky is probably the best choice for those new to the craft due to its ease of production, beef’s ready acceptance of many flavors, and availability. Beef jerky is the classic jerky of our time.

Those who enjoy not only the taste but the processing of beef jerky love experimenting with the flavors to see how well they blend. There are really endless possibilities when creating jerky flavors. Some folks are die-hard regular beef jerky fans while others like to experiment with flavors. When it comes to jerky it’s all good. One of the great things about jerky is that it is so portable. They are great for taking along while hiking or fishing and are perfect for camping trips. Many people keep some in the car for those emergencies munch attacks that hit. Having different flavors for jerky shakes things up a bit so it is not just the same old thing over an d over. Even the best of foods get old if you have too much of them. By experimenting with flavor and using the cheaper cuts of meat you can have convenient, inexpensive snacks for the whole family. There are many who already make their own jerky and the popularity is growing.

Some recipes for beef jerky are literally years in the making. Like any other recipe, getting the right amount of spices and flavorings can be a challenge and it is one that beef jerky lovers enjoy. Some recipes are easier to create and some are not. The truth is, however, home made beef jerky is healthier than that created and mass produced. What more reason do you need to start thinking up those recipes or getting out recipes that have been created by others for you to enjoy?

If you haven’t yet discovered the wonders of beef jerky then it is high time you did. These delicious strips of dried meat have been enjoyed for centuries. Best known for being a food that the cowboys carried with them on trail rides, sundried meat was also eaten by Native Americans. There is a reason it has stayed popular all of these years; it’s just plain good. To make it even better people are cooking up different recipes with flavorings and spices to make beef jerky even more tasty and enjoyable. Check the recipes and see if you can’t come up with some of your own to share. Once you get started it is a difficult hobby to stop but then again, why would you want to?

Finding a simple recipe is the best way to start and work your way up from there. You can find some great jerky recipes right here in fact. If you are new to jerky making you are going to be hooked the first time you try it. It is not difficult to make and it tastes delicious. Jerky has been a favorite and convenient treat for generations so we should keep the tradition going for the next generation. Buying jerky is fine but making it is healthier and more fun. Many people don’t yet know what it is to eat jerky that didn’t come from the store. Give it a try and see if you don’t make it a common practice.

Basic beef jerky

The basic and most simplistic recipy for tratitional beef jerky that your ancestors ate in ancient times, on the forntier, or camping.

Barbecue beef Jerky

A twist on the classic beef jerky, with a flavor of the grill. A little sweeter, a little more spicy, this is a sure crowd pleaser.

Chinese beef jerky

Beef jerky with a hint of the Orient. With subtle notes of ginger and other Chinese flavors, add this to your rotation for something interesting and fun.

Extra spicy beef jerky

For those of us who like our jerky spicy, this recipe will satisfy the most dangerous of us who like a lot of kick in our jerky!

Teriyaki beef jerky

A more complex and subtle Asian style beef jerky with a distinctive Japanese flavor, but all the robustness of a traditional beef jerky.