Wild Bill’s Beef Jerky Information

Starting out as a simple butcher shop, Wild Bill’s soon started to gain a reputation due to its superb quality and customer service. Wild Bill’s Food Inc emerged years later and it was then that the company started to focus on hickory smooth beef jerky, which is now their most famous product. In 2009, Monogram Food Solutions acquired Wild Bill’s which resulted in a related diversification. Wild Bill’s has continued to make excellent jerky and is considered a major player in the beef jerky industry today.

Beef jerky is a smooth meat full of nutrition enjoyed by every one due to its delicious flavor. The Wild Bill’s Beef jerky is one of the best meat snacks in the business, coming in a diverse range of flavors and packed in different sizes.  Wild Bill’s offers its customers a full refund if anyone is dissatisfied with the product. Their prized assets range from beef, meat snacks to ham sticks. The nutritional content of each product they make is clearly stated on their website, which include the protein content, amount of fat and carbohydrates a beef jerky contains. Wild Bill’s beef jerky is simply a strip of meat with no fat, marinated in spices and subsequently dried at low heat. Although it might sound plain, this brand of beef jerky stands out due to its exquisite taste that is simply irresistible. Rather than using ovens or dehydrators, as is the mass manufacturing custom, Wild Bill’s jerky’s meat is usually dried under sunlight and the marinating is done using salt. In addition, it can be served either as a fresh or refrigerated snack.  The Wild Bill’s beef jerky is an example of a great food preservation method which was introduced by man since the early days.

In marketplaces, jerky is sold in various forms, typically chopped and highly processed instead of standard muscle meat. Such jerky usually contains higher amount of fat, so to avoid oxidative spoilage many preservative chemicals are applied. In addition, various kinds of meat from all over the world are used to make jerky, in which the meat is cut into thin slices and dried at low temperature. Furthermore, some additives are used to make jerky taste better. Wild Bill’s jerky breaks this norm and is billed to be a low fat food prepared naturally and macrobiotic. The bacterial growth in meat is contained by drying the meat, with most of the fat removed to avoid spoilage. It is also good to note that the meat is usually dried with low heat, which helps it to avoid becoming cooked and overly dried. Wild Bill’s beef jerky is made with the help of insulated panel ovens with a process that includes placing them on metal screens coated with nylon. Once the jerky is dried, it is cooled down and packed into bags. Smoking is a famous technique used because it not only preserves the meat, but also dries it at the same time. Finally, salting is also an old and well-known technique used for the purpose of preservation.

Wild Bill’s beef jerky is becoming wildly popular these days because it is rich in protein and has a low fat content. Their high quality and reliance on simple methods has led them to become readily available in convenience stores all over the US and Canada.