There was a time when jerky was just jerky, the tough, stringy, slab of meat that was known to some of us as camping food, fun food, or completely ignored. There has been a surge lately in the quality and the quantity of jerky that we are now seeing available. No longer the boring staple of old, this food is being made with flavors that are unique, subtle, bold, and even odd, all of which have their place. In this section we will review jerky from companies that we sample in their many different styles (soft and hard), as well as different kinds of mean (beef jerky, venison jerky, emu jerky, etc) trying to offer unbiased reporting of the wares of the new jerky offerings. Traditional jerky still has its place, and in fact is the baseline we use to measure the new kinds of commercial jerky available.

While there are many types of jerky that are available almost anywhere, we have found many regional, small batch productions that it is clear the market is growing rapidly. While we will continue to add out own reviews, we encourage all of our readers to submit their own review and as long as it fits our editorial guidelines (common sense ones, such no profanities or personal vendettas, etc) we will post them as well.

Wild Bill’s Beef Jerky

Wild Bill’s Beef Jerky is one of the more commonly found jerkies in global distribution. But common does not mean bad. See what we have to say about this particular brand of beef jerky.