Exotic game jerky

Exotic game jerky may be somewhat of a misnomer as much game is not necessarily exotic to many people. That said, there are many other types of game, such as Elk, Caribou, Bear, Moose, and Emu (to name but a few), that are perfectly adaptable to almost any jerky recipe. Many game animals tend to be more gamey in flavor than their domesticated cousins, and will therefore tend to do well with stronger flavors. While acquiring some of the more exotic meats may not be easy for some people, if you are able to find a source, they will make for a more interesting jerky than your average jerky to many people.

While we currently have a limited number of recipes, we encourage our readers to submit their own recipes so that we may continue to build this database of excellent marinades.

Lime Elk Jerky Recipe

Elk is a surprisingly strong meat, and requires a strong marinade to enhane the natural flavor of the meat. The addition of lime to this marinade recipe will both tenderize the meat as well as add acidity and enhance the flavor of the marinade.