Duck and Turkey Jerky

Turkey and duck jerky are perhaps not the most commonly known of jerky styles, but are surprisingly good. The added benefit of these types of jerky is that they can have up to one sixth less fat and one third less calories than beef jerky (when trimmed of fat). The neutral flavor of turkey will also accept marinade flavorings quite well, and the gamey nature of duck meat will allow you to use more exotic and strongly flavored marinades with great results. For food safety reasons, when making jerky from any kind of poultry, you will want to keep your smoker or oven at a minimum of 165 degrees, rather than the lower temperatures that may be used on other meats.

Basic duck jerky recipe

Duck has a nice, gamey flavor that pairs well with jerky marinades and is a safer option than chicken if you are looking four poultry. This is our basic recipe.

Basic turkey jerky recipe

Turkey is another great option for jerky, and as it has a subtle flavor of its own, it will carry the flavors of your marinade extremely well. If you want to perfect a jerky marinade flavor, turkey is the perfect medium.

Duck prosciutto

This is one of the most interestng of the duck jerkies. More cured than cooked, this is an amazingly tender and tasty treat for any duck hunters looking for variety. You will be surprised at how great duck prosciutto can be.